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Russian Definitive of 1909
with Straight Line Cancellation

Russian Definitive of 1909 with Straight Line Cancellation
Russian Definitive of 1909 with Straight Line Cancellation

According to Michael Briggs of Gibbons Stamp Monthly, this is a Russian stamp used in Finland. This 2 kopeck arms stamp of 1909, has part of a straight-line village cancellation similar that of Laurola illustrated in the 2004 LAPE Special Stamp Catalogue of Finland which features the same distinctive lower-case "r".

Mr. Briggs writes, "From 1809, when it was acquired from Sweden, until 1917, when it gained its independence, Finland was an autonomous Grand Duchy within the Russian Empire. Its first stamps were issued in 1856, these and subsequent issues depicted the Finnish coat of arms and were denominated in Finnish currency. During the 1890s attempts were made to Russify Finland. In 1890 the Russian Ministry of the Interior took over Finland's postal affairs and stamps depicting the Russian coat of arms and denominated in kopeks and roubles (Russian currency having been allowed from 1 January 1891) were introduced on 1 May 1891 (SG 133/45). For accounting purposes these stamps incorporated circles or rings in the design to distinguish them from similar designs issued in Russia. According to the FACIT Special catalogue the two types were only sold in their respective countries but could be used in either and could be paid for in either Russian or Finnish currency. Although Finnish arms stamps were still available, they could not be used on mail to Russia (from 1 January 1892) or to abroad (from 14 August 1900). A decree of 4 July 1900 led to the withdrawal of stamps depicting the Finnish coat of arms and their replacement, on 14 January 1901, by those depicting the Russian arms but denominated in pennia and markka (SG 154/60). These were intended for use within Finland. Production of the "ring" stamps ceased in 1899 and they were replaced by Russian stamps (and stationery) for use on mail to Russia and overseas."


Briggs, Michael of Gibbons Stamp Monthly. Personal Email. Friday, June 25, 2004.

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