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French Guiana
First Air Post Issue of 1933

View of Cayenne on First Airmail Issue

The lowest of eight values in the first air post issue depicting Cayenne.

French Guiana's first air post issue consisting of eight values ranging from 50 centimes to 20 francs was issued on November 20, 1933. It depicted an aerial view of the colonial capital, Cayenne.

French Guiana became an overseas department of France on March 19, 1946 and its final definitive stamp issue was released on June 2, 1947. French stamps are now used as can be seen from the Cayenne cancellation on the 1976 French "regions" commemorative depicting Guyane.

French Issue Depicting Guyane

Note the Cayenne cancellation on the French first day cover for the "Guyane" commemorative.

French Guiana is located on the northeastern coast of South America.

French Guiana is located in northeastern South America on the Atlantic coast. It has land borders with Surinam to the west and Brasil to the south and to the east.


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