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Compulsory Tax Label

Compulsory Tax Label
Compulsory tax label to raise funds for the blockaded city of Berlin.

Compulsory tax labels inscribed "Notopher 2 Berlin Steuermarke" were issued to indicate the payment of a stamp duty imposed on November 28, 1948 to provide relief for civilian agencies in the city of Berlin resulting from the Soviet blockade of the city (109). Scott lists six imperforate and perforated varieties of this stamp with various watermarks. Most non-diplomatic and non-military government mail was required to pay the postal tax until it expired on March 31, 1956.

Cover with Compulsory Tax Label
Cover from Hanover to Bayreuth franked with 50 pfg "Numeral and Post Horn"
definitive of 1952 with 2 pfg "Notopher" Postal Tax stamp as additional franking.


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