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Sir Rowland Hill Death Centenary Issue

Sir Rowland Hill Death Centenary Issue

The one penny denomination depicts the shackles that were placed on slaves.

The stamps issued by Ghana to commemorate the death centenary of Sir Rowland Hill were issued on March 12, 1980, the year following the actual centenary. The designs feature Ghanaian communications devices and symbols of political power. The 20 pesewas denomination shows a man with clack bells which, like the famous African talking drums, could be used to send messages over long distances. The 65 pesewas denomination shows a chief with a staff of office with a golden elephant. The one cedi stamp shows a drummer playing talking drums. The highest value, four cedi stamp shows a chief with an ivory staff. All values show a portrait of Sir Rowland Hill and the inscription "100th Anniversary of the Death of Sir Rowland Hill."

Sir Rowland Hill Death Centenary First Day Cover

Although the cachet on this first day cover shows that Sir Rowland Hill died in 1879, Ghana's stamps
honouring his death centenary were not issued until March 12, 1980, the year after the centenary.


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