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Hong Kong

High Value Definitives of 1962

High Value Definitives
High Values of the 1962 Definitive Issue

On October 4, 1962 Hong Kong issued a new definitive issue featuring the Annigoni portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. For the first time, photogravure was used instead of typography in the production of a definitive issue from Hong Kong; it had been used previously on issues such as the low value of the 1948 Silver Jubilee Issue, the 1961 issue for the 50th anniversary of Hong Kong University and the 1962 Hong Kong postage stamps centenary issue.

Stampex 1963 Souvenir Sheet
Non-Postal Souvenir Sheet for Stampex 1963

To commemorate one of the earliest uses of multicoloured photogravure printing on colonial stamp issues, Harrison and Sons issued this souvenir sheet for Stampex 1963 picturing the six colour separations for the high value $20 denomination. Photogravure was first used for government issued postage stamps in Bavaria in 1914 although the process dates back to 1858.



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