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Stamp Day Issues of 1989-1991

Stamp Day Issue of 1989
Stamp Day Issue of 1989

Stamp Day Issue of 1990
Stamp Day Issue of 1990

Stamp Day Issue of 1991
Stamp Day Issue of 1989

Olaus Magnus (1490-157) was a Swedish writer and Catholic ecclesiastic who, dissatisfied with the inaccuracies of existing maps, created his own map of the Nordic countries which was published in Venice in 1539. The illustrations in his map reflect a familiarity with navigation and sailing and an interest in culture and folklore that is reflected in his most famous book, A Description of the Northern Peoples (1555). Although he was named Archbishop of Uppsala in 1544, it was an honorary title because, as a consequence of the reformation, Sweden had ceased to be a Catholic nation and Olaus Magnus had had his Swedish property confiscated and had been banned from the Kingdom since 1530.

Details from Magnus' map were featured on three souvenir sheets issued by Iceland wtih proceeds being used to support the NORDIA '91 stamp exhibition. The issue of October 9, 1989 had a face value of 90 krona and sold for 130 krona. The issue of October 9, 1990 had a face value of 120 krona and sold for 170 krona and the issue of May 23, 1991 had a face value of 150 krona and sold for 215 krona. NORDIA '91 was the second second Nordic Philatelic Exhibition to be hosted by the Icelandic Philatelic Federation in Reykjavik. The first had been in 1984.

Stamp Day Issue of 1991
Marine Map and description of the Northern lands and of their
marvels, most carefully drawn up at Venice in the year 1539


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