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Low Value Definitives of 1943

Low Value Definitives of 1943
Low Value Definitives of 1943 depicting nomads, a marksman and Alcazaba Fortress

Ifni is an enclave in southern Morocco that was ceded to Spain in 1860 but not occupied until 1934. Its capital, Sidi Ifni, was the administrative centre for Spanish West Africa. Before being returned to Morocco on June 30, 1969, the territory issued 154 regular stamps, 55 airmail stamps, 58 semi-postals and two special delivery stamps. Although Spain made Ifni a province of Spain in 1958 and continued to issue stamps for the territory, much of it was effectively under Moroccan control after the Ifni War of 1957.

AP Report on the Ifni War
Spain had lost effective control of most of Ifni by 1957.


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