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Local Issue for the CLN Administration of Aosta

Local Issue for the CLN Administration of Aosta
Local issue for Aosta issued by the C.L.N. in November 1944

The Comitato di Liberazione Nazionale (CLN - The National Liberation Committee) was the political arm of Italian partisans during the German occupation of Italy in the last years of the Second World War. It was a coalition of anti-fascist parties that, with the support of King Victor Emmanuel III's ministers and the Allies, took control of local governments in Central and Northern Italy as they were liberated from German control. The C.L.N. remained in control until the proclamation of the Republic in 1946.

Souvenir sheet for the CLN Administration of Aosta
One of two souvenir sheets issued in 10 l and 25 l denominations.

The Valle d'Aosta region, the smallest in Italy, is situated in the Italian Alps bordering on France and Switzerland. It is north-northwest of Turin, near the Italian entrance of the Mont Blanc Tunnel. Its French-speaking inhabitants were the victims of a Fascist program to "Italianize" the region. The region retained a special status under the Italian republican constitution of 1948.

Castillo di Saint-Pierre
Castillo di Saint-Pierre in the Valle d'Aosta region as depicted
won the 900 lire denomination of Italy's Castles definitives of 1980.

The Castillo di Saint-Pierre, perched on a cliff overlooking the flat land and hills of the village of the same name was only a guard tower in Roman times. After two towers were built in the eleventh and thirteenth centuries, few changes were made until 1600, when the castle became the lavish "summer house" of the Roncas family. Further architectural changes were made around 1880 when the Baron of St. Pierre changed the appearance of the building to approximate the way it looks today. It now belongs to the city of St-Pierre and houses the Museum of Natural Science.


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