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Wing Margin 1/- Definitive of 1873

Wing Margin 1/- Definitive
This one shilling definitive with a crown and CC watermark was issued in 1873.

Great Britain introduced perforated postage stamps in 1854. Considerable time and expense was involved with manufacturing the "comb" that was needed to punch each row of perforations in a sheet of stamps. Therefore, a single row of perforations was sometimes used to divide the gutter between the smaller sheets that were distributed to post offices. The result was wide margins on stamps on the border between the "post office sheets." These are found on many stamps from Britain and its colonies issued between 1855 and 1880. Despite their relative scarcity, stamps with wing margins were long regarded as undesirable by collectors because of their irregular appearance. Some collectors trimmed and reperforated the stamps while others left one side imperforate. This has increased the scarcity of the stamps with wing margins.


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