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Pictorial Definitives of 1921

Pictorial Definitives of 1921

Liberia began issuing colorful stamps depicting exotic scenes and wildlife in the C19th. It introduced triangular stamps in 1894 and in modern times has participated in British Commonwealth omnibus issues despite not being a member of the commowealth (such as the 25th anniversary of the reign and the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II). As early as 1885 its stamps were available cancelled to order. The philatelic appeal of its stamps is evident in the 1921 definitives. Each value features a different distinctive design including Cape Mersurado, President DanielE. Howard, the Arms of Liberia, a crocodile, a pepper plant, a leopard, a village scene, Kru men in a dugout, rapids in St. Paul's River, Bongo Antelope, a hornbill and an elephant.


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