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Inland Postage 3 Cent Definitive of 1897

three cent definitive with 13 pearls
Original Printing with thirteen pearls above "Republic of Liberia"

Liberia's three cent "Inland Postage" definitive of 1897 was printed in two-colour lithography by Perkins, Bacon and Company in London. An initial printing of 100 000 stamps features thirteen pearls above the "Republic of Liberia" band. A subsequent printing for the philatelic market features only ten pearls. There are at least two forgeries, one in light green and the other in mustard yellow compared with the sage green of the authentic stamps.

three cent definitive with 10 pearls
Printing for the "CTO" philatelic market with ten pearls above "Republic of Liberia"

forgery ofthree cent definitive with 13 pearls
Mustard yellow forgery


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