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Occupation Issues

Germania Overprint
One of 12 German definitives of 1905-1917 overprinted
"Boftgebeit" for use in occupied former Russian territories.

In 1916 and 1917 German stamps were overprinted "Postgebeit D6 Ost" ("Post District D6 East") for use in the former Russian provinces of Suvalki, Vilnius, Kaunas and Kurland.

WWII Occupation Overprints
In 1940 a set of eight Lithuanian stamps overprinted LTSR
was issued for use in Lithuania under Russian occupation.
Russian stamps overprinted LIETUVA were used for several
months during the subsequent German occupation of Lithuania.

In 1939 Lithuania entered into an alliance with the Soviet Union. When Poland was partitioned Vilnius was returned to Lithuania. On July 21, 1940 Lithuania was incorporated into the Soviet Union. After the German invasion in June of 1941 Soviet stamps were overprinted for use in the occupied territory until November of 1941 when German stamps with the OSTLAND overprint were introduced. Russian stamps were used from the time of the expulsion of the Germans in 1944 until 1991.


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