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Lihou Local Postal Service

Lihou Local Postal Service Labels
with "Torrey Canyon Disaster" Overprint

2d value
2d. Value. This features a plan of the Island of Lihou showing
its causeway link with the parent Island of Guernsey.

4d value
4d. Value. This depicts the ruins of the Priory Chapel of Our Lady
of Lihou in the foreground with the famous Abbey of Mont St. Michel
maintaining a dominating and inspiring influence in the background.

6d value
6d. Value. This illustrates the young people coming to the Island, with
pick and shovel, to meet the Twentieth Century challenge to restore this
religious sanctuary by helping to construct a new Chapel and Youth Headquarters
as a focal point for the strengthening of Christian Unity.

1/- value
1/- Value. This portrays the original Monks facing the dangers of the sea,
strong currents, and rugged coastline to bring some of the stone from Caen
in France by boat to Lihou. Much of this original stone can be found on
the Island today and will be used again in the new buildings.

2/- value
2/- Value. This shows, against a deep crimson background, the Armorial Ensign
of Lihou, which is also attributed to the family of Lihou. The honey pots
are appropriate for this Island, which abounds in wild flowers, and bird life.

The commemorative booklet containing these labels contains the following information regarding their purpose:

As the launching of the Lihou Youth Projects' first Camp on the Island coincides with the Millenaire du Mont St. Michel — the celebrating of the Millenium of the consecration of the famous French Abbey in the Bay of Avranches whose early Monks came over to build the Priory of Our Lady of Lihou, it has been decided to print a commemorative issue of "Label" Stamps.

These stamps are to be printed by the well known firm of Harrison & Sons Ltd. and will portray the return of youth to build a Headquarters and Chapel close to the old ruins of the Priory, inspired by the example and spiritual background of those early Monks, who, braving the dangers of the sea brought much of the stone to Lihou from Caen in France. The Lihou Youth Project will encourage young men, and later, groups of young girls to take a real interest in country pursuits and scientific activities such as:—Botany, Entomology, Ornithology, Geography, Geology, Archaeology, Marine Biology, Meteorology, Wireless, Roped Rock Climbing, Survey Work, Photography, Cinematography and other relevant subjects. Through these annual camps, the founder and Crown Tenant of the Island, Lt. Col. Patrick Wootton, hopes to establish a nucleus of young people who will not only set a Christian example in their own home towns of fellowship and service to their communities, but in turn will set up their own groups of young people to go out into the country or to the sea-side to study one or more of the scientific or country pursuits listed above.

Besides this, the Project being inter-denominational, and Ecumenical in outlook will work towards closer Christian Unity and understanding and provide an example of practical Christianity in every day life.

These stamps will be used to cover the expense and trouble of conveying postal matter to and from the Island and the General Post Office in St. Peter Port, which service will become more and more essential once the island becomes re-occupied and more people are visiting for long or short durations. The proceeds from the sale of these stamps will be donated to the Youth Project Funds and will not only help in the establishment of this youth work on the Island, but may enable larger numbers of youngsters to follow this sort of example elsewhere. Likewise, as the fund expands, the building of the proposed Youth Headquarters and Chapel on the Island can proceed.

All enquiries to The Proprietor, Island of Lihou, Guernsey, Channel Islands.

The various incidents reproduced on these "Label" stamps portray the historic links between the Priory of Our Lady of Lihou and the ancient Abbey of Mont St. Michel. They effectively commemorate the launching of the Ecumenical Youth Project on Lihou, which by good fortune happens to coincide with this year's celebration of the Millenium of Mont St. Michel.


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