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Marienwerder Plebiscite Issues

Marienwereder Overprint
German definitive overprinted for use in Marienwerder under the
administration of an international commission pending the plebiscite

The first report of the Polish commission making recommendations for the Treaty of Versailles included Marienwerder, a district fifty miles south of Danzig, in a corridor giving Poland access to the Baltic. Lloyd George objected, observing that the German majority should have the right to determine their own fate by plebiscite. Under the terms of the treaty this plebiscite was held in 1920 and the district was restored to German control.

Marienwereder Allegory of Allied Supervision
One value from a 1920 set of fourteen stamps with an allegorical
representation of the Allies supervising the plebiscite. Another
set with a similar design is inscribed "Commission Interalliee."

Location of Marienwerder


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