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Mr. Asia 1973 Slogan Cancellation

Mr. Asia 1973 Slogan Cancellation
Mr. Asia 1973 slogan cancellation from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The15 cent commemorative
picturing the flag of Malaysia, fireworks and hibiscus, celebrates the 10th anniversary of
independence and was part of a set of three (10, 15 and 50 cents) issued on August 31, 1973.

This slogan cancellation promoting the 1973 Mr. Asia competition is an example of the use of postal cancellations for promotional purposes that dates back to early in the twentieth century. Early examples include the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto (1901), the St. Louis World Fair (1902), the Oberammergau Passion Play (1910), the Brussels Fair (1910) and the Auckland Exhibition (1912).

Oberammergau Slogan Cancellation
Modern slogan cancellation from Oberammergau, Germany where early slogan
cancellations were used to promote the Passion Play. The 30 pfennigs commemorative
from the "Towns" series shows a view of Oberammergau. It was issued on May 11,1970.

In Collecting Stamps, James Mackay notes that slogan cancellations were employed in London as early as 1661 to promote Kent post. The practice was revived in the 1890's with the introduction of cancelling machines. Flag cancellations were first used in the United States in 1894. They were subsequently employed in Canada, France, Germany, Italy and New Zealand.

Early Flag Cancellation from Canada
Early slogan cancellations took the form of flags. This one is on the
Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee issue of Canada issued on June 19, 1897.



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