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New Britain

"G.R.I." Overprint on Definitives of German New Guinea

New Britain, called Neu Pommern (New Pommerania) by its German colonizers is located northeast of New Guinea.

An Australian task force arrived in Rabaul in New Britain on September 11, 1914, troops were landed the following day and by September 21 the German governor had surrendered. By October 1914 stamps of German New Guinea had been overprinted "G.R.I." (Georgius Rex Imperator with surcharges in Australian currency. In March of 1915 overprinted stamps of German colonies were replaced with Australian stamps overprinted "North West Pacific Islands".

GRI Overprint on German Definitive
In October of 1914 definitives for German New Guinea were overprinted G.R.I. with a new value.

Australian fleet sails into Rabaul
The Australian fleet sails into Rabaul on September 12, 1914.


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