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Magnificent Frigate Bird Commemorative

Magnificent Frigate Bird Definitive

The Caribbean island of Nevis had its own stamps from 1861-1890. From then until 1980 it used stamps of St. Kitts-Nevis and the Leeward Islands. Since 1980 it has resumed issuing its own stamps including the stamp pictured above featuring the magnificent frigate bird. This particular stamp was issued in a minature sheet with nineteen other stamps depicting different birds. Such colourful stamps with appeal to topical collectors are typical of the modern issues of Nevis.

Frigate Birds

The frigate bird is particularly interesting because of the way in which it gets its food. It is more of a pirate than a fisherman. It will harass other birds until they drop fish and then the frigate bird will catch the fish in the air. The birds are also notable for the brilliant red pouch on their necks which the males inflate as part of their courting ritual.


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