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Norfolk Island

Universal Postal Union Centenary Commemoratives and Souvenir Sheet

Norfolk Island U.P.U. Centenary Stamps

Norfolk Island's 1974 U.P.U. Centenary self-adhesive commemorative stamps
have peelable backing providing historical background on Norfolk Island.

Peelable Backing on Norfolk Island U.P.U. Centenary Stamps

U.P.U. Centenary Souvenir Sheet

Norfolk Island's 1974 U.P.U. Centenary souvenir sheet (above) has
peelable backing depicting a beach scene on Norfolk Island (below).

U.P.U. Centenary Souvenir Sheet Backing with Beach Scene

On December 16, 1974 Norfolk Island issued four commemorative stamps and a souvenir sheet to mark the centenary of the Universal Postal Union. The self-adhesive stamps are in the shape of the island and they depict the Norfolk Pine (10 cent denomination), offshore islands (15 cent denomination), a crimson rosella and sacred kingfisher (35 cent denomination) and a map showing the location of Norfolk Island (40 cent denomination). The peelable backing shows a scroll providing historical information on Norfolk Island superimposed on a background of Norfolk pines. It explains, "Norfolk Island is South Pacific history. From its discovery by Captain Cook two hundred years ago, its long gone tragic convict settlement period; its re-population by expatriates from Pitcairn Island who are today's 'Original Settlers'." The souvenir sheet contains four miniature imperforate versions of the stamps on a background map of Norfolk Island. The peelable backing depicts a beach scene.


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