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French Post Office in China

Location of Pakhoi
Pakhoi is located on the Gulf of Tonkin in Kwangtung Province

Pakhoi (Peihai), located in Kwangtung Province on the Gulf of Tonkin, developed as an important commercial centre because it was free of taxation and because of the threat to trade through other ports during the T'ai-ping rebellion. Although the opening of a customs house and a rivalry with Haiphong threatened its prosperity, Pakhoi became a Treaty Port in 1876. By 1879 it was a regular port of call for foreign vessels. Its principal exports included liquid indigo, sugar, aniseed and aniseed oil, cassia-lignea and cassia oil, cuttle-fish and hides. Local industries include fishing and fish-curing France opened a post office there in 1902. In 1903 the post office began using specially overprinted stamps of Indo-China.

1908 Definitive
Pakhoi and denomination overprinted on Indo-
Chinese Annamite Girl definitive of 1907.


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