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of the First Asian Postage Stamp

Centenary of the First Asian Postage Stamp
Stamps issued by Pakistan on August 14, 1952 to commemorate
the fifth anniversary of Pakistan's independence and the centenary
of the first postage stamps issued on the Indian sub-continent.

Lord Ellen conquered the Scinde region in 1843 and Sir Bartle Frere was
appointed governor. The governor had the stamps produced and
distributed. The first stamps were individually embossedon circular red
wafers. Two subsequent releases were embossed in blue or white in sheets.

Detail from Commemorative
Enlargement of detail from the Pakistani commemorative issue
showing the Scinde District Post issue of July 1, 1852 which
became obsolete in October of 1854. The stamp is listed in Scott's
Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue.
in white, blue and red.

Map of Scinde
Scinde District is located in modern Pakistan extending
inland from the mouth of the Indus River.


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