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Map of the Gran Chaco Issues of 1935

Map of the Gran Chaco Issues of 1935
Stamps depicting a map of the Gran Chaco were issued in 1932 (deep violet) and 1935
(rose). The green stamp with the diagonal "OFICIAL" overprint was issued in 1935.

Both Bolivia and Paraguay claimed the region known as "Gran Chaco." In 1931, Bolivia
issued stamps with a map on which the region was labelled "Chaco Boliviano." In 1932
Paraguay responded with a stamp bearing the slogan "Has been, is and will be" with the
region labelled "Chaco Paraguayo." Shortly after the first Paraguayan "Gran Chaco"
stamp was issued, a war broke out over the disputed territory. There were many casualties
on both sides and Bolivia's economy had been devatated before the territory was awarded
to Paraguay after a Conference of American states in Buenos Aires in 1938 - 1939.

Bolivian Map Issue of 1935
This is one of a set of fourteen regular postage stamps and ten airmail issues
of 1935 depicting a map of Bolivia depicting "Gran Chaco" as "Chaco Boliviano."


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