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Postal Tax Stamp of 1926

Postal Tax Stamp of 1926
Morro Arica depicted on 1926 postal tax plebiscite issue.

No country is identified on this stamp bearing the slogan "por Tacna y Arica." The marginal inscription "Lima" hints that the stamp is from Peru. It is not a regular postage stamp; it is a postal tax stamp used in Peru (but not in Chilean occupied Tacna and Arica) to help pay the costs of a plebiscite. Tacna and Arica were occupied by Chile as a result of the Treaty of Ancon which ended the War of the Pacific in 1883. The final status of the territories was to be determined by a plebiscite after ten years but political differences between the countries prevented the plebiscite from taking place. Chilean colonization of the region led to a termination of diplomatic relations between the nations in 1911. Arbitration initiated by the United States in 1925 led to a settlement in 1929 that returned Tacna to Peru and gave Arica to Chile.

Location of Tacna and Arica
The final settlement granted Tacna to Peru and Arica to Chile.


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