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Speculative Issues

Antiqua Definitives Overprinted
Antiqua definitives of 1976-1978 were overprinted "Redonda" in
1979. They were sold in Antigua where they were valid for use.

Map Showing Redonda
Redonda is a small island near Antiqua.

Redonda, a small island dependency of Antiqua, was noted for the phosphate industry dating back to 1869. Although the island was uninhabited, Antigua issued stamps overprinted with the name of this dependency in 1979. The stamps were valid for use in Antigua where philatelic mail was processed. Since then, numerous colourful stamps have been issued "in anticipation of commercial and tourist development" according to Stanley Gibbons which does not list or stock such stamp collector oriented issues.

Rowland Hill Commemorative
One of the stamps in a set commemorating Sir Rowland Hill depicts a
stamp showing a map of Redonda from the 1969 issue of Antiqua.

Souvenir Sheet
For more than a century the island, depicted on this
souvenir sheet, was known for its phosphate industry.


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