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Ras al Khaima

"Apollo 8 - Xmas Trip Around the Moon 25-12-68" Overprint

Apollo 8 - Xmas Trip Around the Moon 25-12-68
Amongst the many topical and novelty stamps issued for the philatelic market were
three miniature sheets of Christmas stamps from 1968 overprinted across across
the sheets "Apollo 8 - Xmas Trip Around the Moon 25-12-68". This is the high
value 4 riyal denomination. The 2 and 3 riyal issues were similarly overprinted.

Ras al Khaima is the smallest of the United Arab Emirates with a population of about 300 000, most of whom live in Ras al Khaima city. Geographically, it combines sea coast, sand deserts and mountains. It is relatively less developed than the other emirates and did not issue stamps until a set of eight stamps was issued on December 21, 1964; they depict Sheik Saqr bin Mohammed al Qasimi (5 and 15 naye paise), seven palm trees (30, 40 and 75 naye paise) and a dhow (1, 2 and 5 rupee). These are the only stamps listed by Scott. They were surcharged in dirhams and rupees in 1966 but the overprints are not listed by Scott. Gibbons also recognizes commemoratives issued in 1965 and 1966 but subsequent issues are only listed in an appendix because they appeared not to have been issued to serve postal requirements. Many colourful topical stamps for the philatelic market were produced in the years before Ras al Khaima joined the United Arab Emirates in February 1972 and adopted its stamps and currency on August 1, 1972. The stamps of the emirate remained in use until replaced by the first stamp issue of the U.A.E. in January 1973.

Ras al Khaima is located near the north-eastern tip of the United Arab Emirates.


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