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Spanish Morocco

Postal Museum Air Post Issue

Postal Museum Air Post Issue
1952 Air Post Issue in Support of a Postal Museum

Spanish stamps were in use in what was to become Spanish Morocco in 1860. In 1903 the first stamps specifically overprinted for Spanish Post Offices in Morocco were issued. These stamps continued to be used in Tangier after the first stamps for the protectorate of Spanish Morocco were issued in 1914. These stamps were simply overprinted "Marruecos." After 1955 stamps were issued under the authority of the Kingdom of Morocco.

An airmail issue of 1952 consisted of four values: a 2 peseta depicting the road to Tetuan, a 4 peseta depicting the arrival of mail from Spain, an 8 peseta depicting greeting the plane and a 16 peseta depicting the shadow of the plane. These stamps are inscribed Museo Postal and, apparently, some of the proceeds for the issues were intended to support the establishment of postal museum of Tetuan. Whether or not it benefited from the funds raised, the Dar El Oddi Museum in contemporary Tetuan does include a postal exhibit in its mezzanine The exhibit covers four chronological periods for the Spanish Moroccan issues: the first administration (1928); the Republic (1933); the Civil War and Post-war years (1937 and 1944) and the main era of the Protectorate, between 1945 and 1955. Most of them are Mariano Bertuchi's drawings which, from the first issue, reflected an enduring style, giving coherence to the image of the Protectorate.


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