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Spanish Sahara

Messenger on Motorcycle Special Delivery Stamp

Messenger on Motorcycle Special Delivery Stamp
Corresondencia Urgente (Special Delivery) Stamp
of 1971 Depicting a Messenger on a Motorcycle

Spanish Sahara was formerly known as Rio de Oro and Spanish Western Sahara. It includes the colony of Rio de Oro and the territory of Saguiet el Hamra. In 1976 it was divided between Morocco and Mauritania. Between 1924 and the dissolution of the colony the Spanish administration issued 238 regular issues, 70 semi-postals, 19 airmail issues and two special delivery stamps including the one pictured here. Exotic animals, architecture, landscapes and costumes add philatelic appeal to many of the stamps. For example special delivery stamp of September 6, 1971 shows a motorcycle messenger wearing a turban and the child welfare issue of June 1, 1973 pictures the sand dunes of the Sahara and the gate of the old market in the capital city, Aaiun.

Sand Dunes and the Old Market Gate of Aaiun
Sand Dunes and the Old Market Gate of Aaiun are
featured on the Child Welfare issue of 1973.


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