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Tristan da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha Resettlement 1963 Overprint

St. Helena Definitives Overprinted
St. Helena Definitives of 1961 Overprinted for the Resettlement of Tristan da Cunha.

On April 9, 1963 fifty-one islanders from Tristan da Cunha returned to their island on the S.S. Boissevain. The new administrator who accompanied them had the Post Office reopened and on April 12, 1963, Tristan da Cunha issued a set of thirteen definitives from St. Helena overprinted "Tristan da Cunha Resettlement 1963." The post office had been closed since October 11, 1961.

M.V. Bornholm Cover
Most of the population of Tristan Da Cunha was resettled by the Danish ship M.V. Bornholm

The remainder of the returning settlers set sail in October of 1963 on the M.V. Bornholm. Covers commemorating the resettlement with a Tristan da Cunha cancellation and a cachet for the ship are dated November 10 and November 11, 1963.

M.V. Tjisdane
The population of Tristan Da Cunha was evacuated on the Dutch ship M.V. Tjisadane

On October 9, 1961 a volcanic eruption had occured which precipitated the evacuation of the population of the island aboard a Dutch ship, the M.V. Tjisadane, two days later. The volcano had been dormant since before the island's discovery by the Portuguese Admiral Tristao da Cunha in 1506.

Newspaper Report
Newspaper report on evacuees' vote to return to Tristan da Cunha.


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