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Tristan da Cunha
Potato Stamp Propaganda Label

Potato Stamp Propaganda Label
This is the only stamp produced using A.B. Crawford's essays for proposed Tristan da Cunha stamps

Until 1952, for the most part, ordinary stamps of Great Britain were used on mail sent from Tristan da Cunha and it was distinctive markings that indicated their origin. However, a series of essays was designed by Mr. A. B. Crawford, and, in 1946, a petition was submitted to the Postmaster General of South Africa in Capetown in the hope that the island might become a stamp-issuing jurisdiction. One of these essays, a one pence value, showing a penguin, with an outline of the island in the background and a Union Jack in the upper right corner, was printed. Hirters of Johannesburg produced 20 000 copies in sheets of 35 in scarlet; the other denominations, ranging from the half penny to one shilling, did not progress beyond the artist's designs stage. All the designs had local values in potatoes, there being four potatoes to the penny.


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