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United States
First Postal Cards
and 100th Anniversary of Postal Cards Commemorative

Third U.S. Liberty Postal Card
The third U.S. Liberty Postal Card was printed on buff paper with the same design as the first.

Austria issued the world’s first postal card (Correspondz Karte) on October 1st, 1869, followed by the North German Confederation, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Baden, Bavaria, Hungary and Great Britain in 1870, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Canada in 1871, Russia, Chile, France, and Algeria in 1872 and France, Serbia, Romania, Spain and Japan, as well as the United States in 1873. The United States issued its first postal card on May 12, 1873 depicting an allegory of Liberty and the inscriptions "United States Postal Card." and "Write the address only on this side-the message on the other." Subsequently the same design was reissued on buff paper (pictured here) on July 6, 1873.

A century later, on September 14, 1973 the United State Post Office issued a facsimile Postal Card with a six cent denomination to mark the 100th anniversary of the issue of the first United States postal card.

100th Anniversary of Postal Cards Commemorative Card
100th Anniversary of Postal Cards Commemorative Postal Card of 1973


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