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Revolutionary Steamship Banrigh
on Counterfeit Local Stamp for the State of Guayana

Revolutionary Steamship Banrigh on Local Stamp for the State of Guayana

Counterfeits of local stamps for the State of Guayana showing the revolutionary Steamship Banrigh are
distinguished from authentic stamps by the paper colour. The 25 cent should be on pink rather than straw-coloured paper.

Eastern Venezuela, including the state of Guayana, was a stronghold of "revolutionaries" led by Manuel Antonio Matos. Matos and a group of regional strongmen with covert financial support from foreign corporate interests and the Colombian government purchased the steamship Banrigh to transport arms to Venezuela for a revolutionary struggle against the Castro regime.

Newspaper article regarding Venezuelan protests about the Banrigh
Newspaper coverage of Britain's response to Venezuelan protests about the activities of the Banrigh


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