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Surcharges on Unissued "REP. DEM. DU CONGO" Overprints

Democratic Republic Overprint on Zaire Definitive
In 2000, a variety of 1996 designs that had been overprinted but never issued,
were released and surcharged in the new currency of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

From October 27, 1971 to 17 May 17, 1997, the Congo Republic (formerly the Belgian Congo) was known as Zaire. After President Mobutu fled the country, the administration of Laurent-Désiré Kabila restored the former name which actually had deeper historical roots in the ancient Kingdom of Kongo. In July 1998 centimes and francs replaced the currency imposed by Mobutu's regime (sengi, li-kuta, ma-kuta, and zaires).


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