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Definitive Designs

Overprinted British Definitives
British definitives overprinted for use in Zululand.

On May 9, 1887 Britain assumed control of Zululand and a post office was established at Eshowe. The distinctive postal service was initiated on May 1, 1888 using British definitives overprinted "Zululand."

Natal Definitive Overprinted
Natal definitives overprinted for use in Zululand
(Note one variety has a period--in this case offset to the
left of the stamp rather than at the end of the overprint.)

From 1888 to 1894 overprinted definitives from Natal were used in Zululand. In 1891 an overprinted one penny revenue stamp from Natal was made valid for postal use.

Zululand Definitive
Zululand used its own Queen Victoria
key-type definitive from 1894 to 1896.

In 1897 Zululand was incorporated into Natal, and the use of separate stamps for Zululand ended on June 30, 1898.

Zululand is located on the Indian Ocean in what is now eastern South Africa.


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