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Goes Bananas

Stamp collectors may go bananas when they receive a piece of mail with a stamp that has been defaced with an ugly mark from a pen, crayon or marker. On a more positive note, the same collectors may "go bananas" when they discover unexpected rarities in their stamp collections. But, putting aside figurative uses of this expression, this website will explore a more literal version of stamp collectors "going bananas": building a collection of stamps and covers on the theme of bananas. Such an undertaking can take the collector around the world exploring botany, geography, history, politics, technology, nutrition and popular culture as they relate to this popular fruit and the many stamps on which it appears.


Banana Stamps from Around the World

The banana "tree" - an imposter

Where did these suckers originate?

Over a thousand varieties

The banana trade is focused on varieties

Cuttings from earliest domesticated plants carried by migrants

According to a February 2020 report of FAO ...

Given the fragile and perishable nature of the fruit ...

There had to be a downside ...

One would not expect the darker side ...

The United Fruit Company: a pioneer in the use of the public relations

Many other stamps highlight the importance of bananas

In Vaudeville theatre ...

The study of bananas on stamps ...


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