Espanola - August 5th, 2007

Espanola (or Hood) Island is the southernmost island in the Galapagos. Its remote location contributes to the large and varied wildlife population. The varied geography includes the beautiful white beaches of Bahia Gardner and the rocky cliff tops accessed at Punta Suarez.

Bahia Gardner
Beautiful white sands are found on the beach at Bahia Gardner.

Sea lions on beach
Sea lions seem unperturbed by visitors from the boats offshore.

Bahia Gardner - Rays
Rays emerge from beneath the sand in the waters of Bahia Gardner.

The striking colours and large average size distinguish the marine
iguanas on Espanola from the same species on other islands.

Blue-footed Boobie
Blue-footed boobies nest on top of the 30 metre cliffs on the south coast of Espanola.

Nazca Boobie
Nazca boobies are also found nesting on these cliffs.

Most of the world's 12 000 pairs of waved albatrosses nest on Espanola.

Marine Iguanas on South Shore Cliffs of Espanola at Punta Suarez




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