Floreana - August 6th, 2007

Post Office Bay
A barrel in Post Office Bay has long been a drop off point for mariners who hope that their correspondence will be picked
up and delivered to its destination by others who are heading to the same destination as the letters and modern postcards.

Letter from Post Office Bay
This letter, deposited in the letter box at Post Office Bay on August 6th, was picked up by the Ryan family of Toronto, Canada
three days later; it was forwarded to its destination in Ottawa on September 4th and delivered in Ottawa on September 6th. Its
arrival coincided with that of a post card that had been mailed to the same address from Puerto Ayora on August 3rd. A post
card mailed from San Cristobal on August 4th arrived two weeks later than the letter carried by the Ryans from Post Office Bay.

Lagoon with Flamingos
A few flamingos remain in this Floreana lagoon at this point in the dry season.


Sea Lions at Floreana
Sea lions play with snorkellers off a gorgeous beach on Floreana.

Turtle at Floreana
Sea turtle in Post Office Bay.




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