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Faroe Islands
Stamp with Cod Skin in Design

Stamp with Cod Skin in Design

Stamp with Cod Skin in Design on First Day Cover
Mint stamp and first day cover from Faroe Islands with Cod Skin incorporated into the stamps

The Faroe Islands are located between Scotland and Denmark and they became part of the kingdom of Demark in 1380. They were granted self-government within the Danish Kingdom in 1948. Danish stamps were used in the islands from 1870 until the British occupied the islands in May 1940 following the German occupation of Denmark. Danish stamps were used again from 1945 until 1975 when the islands began issuing their own stamps.

On September 26, 2016 the islands introduced a novel stamp onto which a square piece of tanned cod skin has been glued. Although an engraved drawing of a cod by engraver Martin Morch is common to all stamps, the piece of cod skin will make each stamp unique. The 50 Danish kroner denomination covers the cost of registration of a letter (in addition to the regular postal tariff).

Faroese Stamps Catalog 1975-2013
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