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Low Value from French Occupation Issue of 1946

Low Value from French Occupation Issue of 1946
Low values from the definitive set of 1946 depict the Fort at Sebha. Higher values depict two other
designs: the "mosque and fort at Turc Murzuch" and "a map of the territory, a soldier and a camel."

Free French forces moved north from Chad to take control of Fezzan-Ghadamès in southwestern Libya in January 1943. The French administrative capital was Sebha. Fezzan's first stamps were issued on May 16, 1943. These were overprinted Italian and Libyan issues. Algerian stamps were used from 1943 to 1946. In 1946 the French administration issued a set of fifteen stamps for Fezzan-Ghadamès. Distinctive issues for Fezzan and Ghadamès were issued in 1949. Both districts were integrated into the Kingdom of Libya when it achieved independence on December 24, 1951.

newspaper clipping on French attacks on Fezzan
French attacks on Fezzan from Chad supported the British campaign in the north.


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