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Official Facsimiles of High Value Queen Victoria Definitives (1900)

Facsimiles of High Value Queen Victoria Definitives
Official facsimiles of high value definitives of 1881-1882 were issued in 1900.

In the nineteenth century it was a common practice for collectors to openly substitute facsimiles for difficult to obtain issues in the quest to have a complete collection. Their function was much like that of the images of stamps in pre-printed albums and facsimiles were not produced with any fraudulent intent. This is what distinguishes them from counterfeits.

The Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue notes that official facsimiles of of the five shilling definitive of 1882 were issued in 1900. They are all postmarked "SUVA" dated "15 Dec. 00" and differ in shades and design details from the originals. No mention is made of a facsimile of the one shilling value is mentioned but the one pictured above has the postmark that is characteristic of the facsimile issue.


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