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Cover Carried by Airmail from Tananarive to Diego Suarez in 1936

Airmail Cover
Cover carried by special airmail service from Tananarive to Diego Suarez

Antananarivo, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Madagascar was known in colonial times as Tananarive. France had established a post office there in 1885. Diego Suarez, now known as Antsiranana, is a port near the northern tip of the island. It had become a French protectorate in 1840, used French colonial stamps from about 1885 and had its own beginning in 1890.

This cover was flown between these two cities by the Aero-Club de Madagascar on July 6, 1936. The stamps used are from the "Transportation by Sedan Chair" definitive design of 1908-1928 and a surcharged stamp issued in 1932.

Backstamp indicating same day delivery to Diego Suarez

flight route
Locations of Tananarive and Diego Suarez


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