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Manchukuo Airmail Issue

Manchukuo Airmail Issue
High Value of Four Airmail Stamps Issued by Manchukuo

Manchukuo, a puppet state established with Japanese assistance in 1932, issued stamps between 1932 and 1945. During this time four airmail stamps were issued. In 1936 an 18 fen green stamp depicting "grazing sheep" was issued along with a 38 fen blue stamp depicting a railroad bridge. The following year the designs were reissued in a 19 fen blue-green and a 39 fen deep blue denomination. The latter is pictured here. Herman Herst Jr., who was a New York stamp dealer during the 1930's claims that the rate change was made at his suggestion in an effort to create a rarity that would generate interest among stamp collectors in the stamps of Manchukuo. He advised Roy Akagi, a Japanese philatelic sales representative in New York, that the popularity of airmail issues at that time would make them a good choice in creating the rarity. Sadly, the stamp pictured here is the more common 1937 high value ($3.00 in the 2020 Scott Catalogue) rather than the short-lived 1936 issue ($17.50 in the 2020 Scott Catalogue).


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