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Aguinaldo Newspaper Stamp of 1898-1899

Aguinaldo Newspaper Stamp
According to Melville, the original Aguinaldo "Revolucionario Filipinas" issues
were printed on white paper. Private reprints were on yellowish paper. The
inscription "Impresos" indicates that this is a newspaper stamp.

Emilio Aguinaldo y Farny is recognized in the Philippines as the first president of the independent nation although his government did not receive international recognition. When the United States failed to support Philippine independence after the defeat of Spain in May of 1898, Philippine nationalist continued their struggle for sovereignty. On June 12, 1898, General Aguinaldo declared independence. Although Scott notes that some of the stamps issued by the nationalists "may have been totally philatelic," F.J. Melville explains in Phantom Philately that the stamps were issued by a legitimate authority and with a real postal purpose for at least six months between September 1898 and March 1899.

The stamp displayed above has a second "I" in the word "FILIPINAS" sans-serif and a dash beneath and between the "n" and "o" in "GOBno." These are characteristics of the genuine stamp according to Varo E. Tyler in Focus on Forgeries .

Aguinaldo Presidential Saying Issue
As the first president of the Philippines, Aguinaldo was featured
in 1966 in the fourth issue of the Presidential sayings issue.


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