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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico on Stamps

Alfonso XII Issue
Five definitive issues depicting Alfonso XII were issued
between 1877 and 1886. This value was issued in 1884.

Alfonso XIII Issue Alfonso XIII Issue
Two definitive designs depicting Alfonso XIII
were issued between 1890 and 1898.

Spain issued the first stamps for use in Cuba in 1873 when stamps of Cuba were overprinted. The first actual Puerto Rican issues bearing the image of King Alfonso XII were issued in 1877. In 1890 the first definitives bearing the image of Alfonso XIII were issued. In 1898 two imperforate issues were released by the United States postal administration. In 1899 and 1900 American stamps with the diagonal overprint Puerto Rico were released. Subsequently the stamps of Puerto Rico were replaced by those of the United States.

Puerto Rico Overprint on Washington Definitive
American definitives were overprinted
for use in Puerto Rico in 1899-1900.

1937 Territory Issue
On November 25, 1937 the United States issued a stamp depicting
La Fortaleza in San Juan as one of its Territorial Issues. Some
changes can be noted in the scene between 1937 and 2006.

1937 Territory Issue

Sentry Box, Morro Castle 450th Anniversary of San Juan Commemorative
One of the sentry boxes in Morro Castle in San Juan is featured
on the United States stamp issued on September 12, 1971
commemorating the 450th anniversary of the city of San Juan.


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