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Independence Issue

Independence Issue
Zambian Independence issue of October 24, 1964

On October 24, 1964 Zambia issued three stamps to celebrate its independence. The three pence denomination depicted President Kenneth Kaunda and Victoria Falls; the six pence denomination featured the College of Further Education in Lusaka and a Barotse Dancer is pictured on the one shilling six pence denomination. The stamps were printed using photogravure and there are several varieties, some of which are depicted here.

Line Across Waterfall Variety
Line Across Waterfall Variety

Dress Unravelling at Point
"Dress Unravelling at Point" Variety

On the same day, a set of fourteen definitives was issued to replace those of Northern Rhodesia.

First Zambian Definitive Issue
Zambia's First Definitives
Issued October 24, 1964


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