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Falkland Islands Dependencies

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

map of Falkland Islands Dependencies
Coronation cover with cachet postmarked "South Shetlands Falkland Islands Dependency.".

map of Falkland Islands Dependencies
Coronation cover without cachet postmarked "South Georgia Falkland Islands Dependency."

map of Falkland Islands Dependencies
Coronation cover with cachet postmarked "Admiralty Bay South Shetlands." Although the penguin on the
cachet is appropriate, the polar bear (only found in the wild in the arctic) seems out of place.

map of Falkland Islands Dependencies
Map Showing the Falkland Islands Dependencies.

map of Falkland Islands Dependencies
This cover franked with the 3 pence Queen Elizabeth II definitive of 1954 is postmarked "Argentine Islands Grahamland"
for UK Antarctic Base F (Faraday). The base was transferred to the Ukraine and renamed Vernadsky Research Base in 1996.

Early in the twentieth century stamps from the Falkland Island were used at several whaling stations in the Falkland Islands Dependencies. The first stamps specifically for the Falkand Island Dependencies were Falkland Islands stamps overprinted for Grahamland, South Georgia, South Orkneys and South Shetlands issued in 1944. A general issue featuring a map was issued on February 1, 1946. The stamps of the Falkland Island Dependencies were replaced by issues for the British Antarctic Territories and South Georgia on July 17, 1963.

On June 4, 1953 the omnibus issue commemorating the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II was issued. First day covers from several post offices including Admiralty Bay (Grahamland), South Georgia and the South Shetlands which are shown above.


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