This site documents a tour of China and Hong Kong that took place between September 11 and September 28, 2014.

Map of China Odyssey

Most hotels provided complimentary copies of the English language China Daily which provided a perspective on life in China and events around the world that is quite different from that provided in the newspapers commonly available in North America. The South China Morning Post was a source of news while visiting Hong Kong.

September 11th - September 15th

September 15th - September 17th

September 17th - September 19th

September 19th

September 19th - September 22
Yangtze River Cruise

September 22nd - September 25th

September 25th - September 28th
Hong Kong

Reading List

Hebert, Jacques and Pierre Trudeau. Two Innocents in China. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1968.

In 1960, two Quebec intellectuals, Jacques Hebert and Pierre Elliott Trudeau, were amongst the hundreds of guests from around the world invited by the Chinese government to witness the progress of the revolution. This is their account of their journey and the remarkable accomplishments of the Chinese revolution. Although they fail to predict the catastrophic upheaval of the cultural revolution, they are correct in predicting the inevitability of China's rise to a position of international economic dominance based on its historical success in mobilizing its enormous human resources. Their critique of the "two China" policy foreshadows Canada's recognition of mainland China under a government led by Trudeau. A new edition has been published in which the late prime minister's son, Alexandre Trudeau, retraces his father's footsteps.

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